When you live in Canada an escape from the winter is a must! Our family just got home from an epic one —one I would recommend to every cold Canadian. We packed up and took a direct WestJet flight to Grand Cayman, arriving on a Sunday afternoon. We were at our hotel within 15 minutes of leaving the airport (a key feature when traveling with children — or anyone really!)

The beaches and crystal clear water of Grand Cayman is their biggest draw. The main beach on island is 7 Mile Beach, which is lined with accommodations and restaurants, giving every room and table the most beautiful views.

For our active family sitting on beach chairs for a week isn’t all we’re looking for, which is why Grand Cayman is the place for us! Of course there is Flyboarding and Wakesurfing (with SWS Cayman) but there is also excursions that can be the highlight of your vacation. A visit to Stingray City is a must when you are on the island. Stingray City is a sandbar located in the North Sound of the island, where the water is crystal clear, the sand is softer than silk and—you guessed it—there are friendly Stingrays all around you looking to socialize with the day’s visitors.

Stingray City Cayman Islands

Once getting to Stingray City our brand new Mastercraft NXT anchored on the sand and we piled out of the boat to play amongst the beautiful Stingrays. Our captain, Ashton Beukers, was equipped with fresh squid to attract and feed our new friends. While standing in about 3 feet of water, it was amazing to see the Stingrays float through the water right up to our legs to greet us. Holding squid in our hand the Stingray would come up and suck it right out of our fists. Ashton had the magic touch and manage to get the friendliest ones to swim right into his open arms, which gave all who were brave enough a chance to be passed a Stingray—wow, an experience like none other!

Stringray City

After swimming with the Stingrays for about an hour we packed back into the Mastercraft and headed to our next location—Starfish Point. There in the shallow waters we were able to hold starfish! Their speed doesn’t compare to a Stingray, so we were all able to find one relaxing on the bottom of the turquoise waters. With a little guidance you can walk through the waters with the Starfish, great chance to snap the perfect picture.

catching starfish at starfish point

Our last stop was to the beautiful area of Rum Point. After cruising by the colourful beach homes that line the shore, we anchored the boat to enjoy a fresh lunch and just a couple of mudslides! The beach vibe at Rum Point is incomparable to any other part of the island, there is just something about colourful barbeque huts, picnic tables in the sand and Caribbean rum that can make anyone relax and be fully in vacation mode.

Lunch at Rum Point

With the wind at our backs on the boat ride home, we were able to wakesurf the entire trip back to Caymana Bay. Each one of us took a turn behind the boat—it was the perfect way to end a perfect day! All in all our day excursion with SWS Cayman was the highlight of our trip and not something we could ever experience without them. Having a private boat to go and come from each location made the trip 100% catered to our needs. Especially with kids, this is the best way to spend the day!!

Wakesurfing behind a mastercraft in Grand Cayman

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